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Retirement Plan Optimization

Your Retirement Plan Efficient as It Can Be?

There are many opportunities for retirement plans business owners can take advantage of, if they are aware of them.  We work with clients to either review their current retirement plans, or, explore options to establish new plans.  These can be used for immediate income tax savings strategies, employee retention, or both. We can provide a current plan analysis including costs, fund performance and potential design improvements that can lead to a more optimal plan for both plan sponsors and employees.  

If retained, we meet with clients and their 401K Committees for regular plan reviews to
keep your plan in compliance and updated as needed as well as engage with
employees to encourage their participation and help their understanding of the plan

Review your current plan design

  • Determine if your plan is optimally designed for you, as the sponsor, to benefit as much as possible while providing a benefit to employees as well. An optimally designed plan can potentially allow for much broader benefits for both plan sponsors and employees

Review costs involved in different plans. 

  • Analyze Administrative Costs such as TPA Fees, and Record Keeper fees
  • Analyze internal fund costs

Review fund investments

  • We have relationships with Retirement Plan Resources such as RPAG, Inc. that give us the tools to evaluate your plan’s fund line up
  • Determine if your plan investments have the asset classes to comply with Industry Standards to keep your plan in compliance
  • Review your plan’s fund performance, and internal costs and compare them to current options that may be available to you